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The Valley of Lost Things
oak gall, walnut, smooth sumac, goldenrod, clay, verdigris, coffee, graphite, on found paper. 36” x 53”

Grandma Edith’s Grouse Foot
oak gall, walnut, smooth sumac, clay, graphite, ink on found paper. 19” x 18”

A Lullaby for the Big Black Cloud
oak gall, walnut, clay, verdigris, graphite, ink, gouache on nepalese paper. 60” x 30”

The soft wood bending beneath my feet; humming, singing, chanting, "decay, decay, life, life, decay, decay, life!"
paper pulp, soil, walnut, verdigris . 5' x 3'

May You Find What You Are Looking For & May You Be Mindful of What That Is
paper pulp, soil, walnut, verdigris. 13’ x 7’

Katherine (or Kit) Rutter is a visual artist whose work explores ecology, impermanence, emotional entanglements, and multiple matters of care & connection. Her practice involves drawing, papermaking, bookmaking, intaglio, writing, and foraging for materials. She lives in the woods with her dog Dorothy, and is currently an MFA candidate at the University of Georgia.